Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Little Knowledge vs. Abundance of Ignorance

Who hasn't heard the the old saw, "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing." I've always tended to suggest when that is used as an out for a mishap, a reasonable neutralizer is, "An abundance of ignorance doesn't help much either." It also seems that the degree of separation from the issue determines the reaction or comment.

Now I consider the degree of separation between me and one who would kill me factored by the diligence or indifference of duly established authorities empowered to prevent that event. And maintaining the integrity of that system. That should not allow for investing anyone who would not respect and maintain the laws that I must.

I look at this immediate threat to The United States of America growing incrementally within it when I recognize relative easements by communities authorities; whether it be Area D of the Boston Police, a political sinecure in Virginia, licensing illegal aliens, courts in Oregon, egregious endorsements of convicted criminals, and philosophical warping of basic formative education.

When a governor of a state, county commissioners, mayors and alderman, feign surprise at an appointee's hostile background tied to criminal activity, or with a record of stated hatred for the country and tradition of the domain in which he's named to honor; I tend to think it is not just as only a little knowledge (comparatively), nor only an abundance of ignorance; it is far worse. I see it purely as the mercenary pollitical character at its most vile.

Putting aside all the negative slants against PC, feel-good legislation, life-style communities issues, and legal exceptions for water-walkers - you may note I have a few - I cannot help but declare the greater part of Political Americana (not just non-partisan, but omnipartisan, pan-partisan, ?) bordering on treason. As so many of these situations crop up, the appeasement factor reeks. As so many of these situations crop up, the contempt is purely odious. As so much is being risked; the appeasement and contempt combine to become - In my mind's eye -criminal.

This is coast to coast, border to border; the Carolinas to Oregon, Manhattan to Phoenix, Boston to Dearborn, Columbus and Cleveland to Tampa and Boise. But, as recently as a day ago, a govenor had to recall an appointment, while another decided people culpable for breaking the immigration laws should be granted driving privileges as a reward for successfully doing so.
* a worthy point here: NY where this was done has a major population abiding in cities wherein an automobile is more of an expensive encumbrance. (OK Cab Drivers - but what is the legal standard for that?) OK, an ID - When a green-card would say more? I guess to get up to the range in the Appalachians.
I guess it would be real perjorative of me to cite the Islamic proselytizing in prisons since the 60's and 70's up to the present with an umma reaching directly into schoolrooms and public service. Look into their goals, IKWAN. Not since the penal colony of Australia matured into a self-governing nation has criminality reached such heights. The difference being the Muslim Brotherhood converts were convicted based upon evidence prior to sentence, the future Australians were just sentenced for being who they were at the time. I would bet, too that an Australian kid, whatever his or her lineage, knows the respect of the national symbol.
If that isn't enough, maybe I should recommend Bruce Bawer's work, "While Europe Slept". Okay, you must know by now, I don't believe Americana will read it, maybe they'll see it no more than a sociological survey.
But, you know what? I take it seriously. Damn seriously. In my heart and soul, it's good I do.

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