Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Boston Veterans' Day 07

Boston, New England Emirate, November 11, 2007:

Here we are in Boston, The Athens of Attitude, and a town that’s politically correct and patriotically indifferent, on another Veterans’ Day. No parades here. After all we just got over a city election when even a hint that such manifestations appearing in the budget would raise the ire of the philosophically constipated. Where else would profiles in courage cower away, trembling at the image of the martial menace? Yes, that was the excuse I got two years ago from a city hall martinet when I asked why there would be no parade. “We’re afraid of peace demonstrators.” (Hold that thought. No, go ahead. Parse that thought. I’ll comment no further on that point.)
Of course, maybe they fear the wrong kind of protesters. Can you imagine Rev. Phelp’s legions waving protest signs saying that Henry Knox, Paul Revere, Dr. Warren and the Sons of Liberty, the 54th (Black) Regiment of the Civil War, all risked their lives egregiously as they committed themselves to a country that would become a haven for homos cavorting in queer-only Quonset huts.
Now for balance we should consider the issue on everyone’s mind who suckle from the breast of Main Stream Media. Neither the military nor the Veteran’s Administration grant survivor privileges to same sex spouses. There’s an issue that could even stop a sale at Nieman’s. (Not to mention some very fit ‘eye-candy’ for 4F aunties to gawk at, scoff or run off San Francisco Fire Department comments.) (It’s same-sex marriage or nothing, forget the country.) (Gay pride wasn’t concerned at all when a procession to the New England Islamic Center bumped the annual parade from the front page of the “Boston Globe”. {Forget that the Ikwan would harvest homosexuals for Hell.}. These are people religiously committed to the killing any who don’t share their interpretation of the ‘Transcendent”)
Let me herein correct any notion that I’m slamming Arabs and all Islamists. I’m not.
Frankly, accept my pity for you’re being currently emasculated and pimped by Persian potentates and have an historical legacy of manipulation by sexually frustrated ghouls like Zawihiri, l’Qtub, back to the drunken Turkish sultans and to the merchant-woman’s boy-toy himself.
So, how does this Kweer Kamerad show his regard for his forebears, those currently serving and those we’re missing? I find intimidation to be a handy vehicle of pre-emption. I add additional flags to the ‘Ole Glory’ already straddling my bowed windows. From Noon til 2:00 pm, military music and airs bless my neighborhood. This year I began it all on Saturday, the 10th at Noon, honoring Marines on their birthday with the Marine Corps Hymn and a few Sousa tunes. Sunday, of course, the actual Veteran’s Day the repertoire kicked off with a whole run. (By the way “Black Jack” in honor of 5 Star General Pershing has a nice lilt to it. After all, who commanded the American Expeditionary Force that led to “Armistice Day”? ) (I’ll omit, for now, mentioning his mobilization to chase Pancho Villa back to Mexico after the latter’s murderous raid on US citizens on US soil.)
But, it’s more than Boston where The Boston Sunday Globe’s Magazine had to feature (with cover photos) a story about how much easier it has been for a 15 year old lesbian to come out now than ten years ago. (Did she want to ‘come out’ five?) Inside the ‘Region’ section carried an article on how young men came home devastated from current conflicts. It’s Americana somewhat less diluted here with its misery index fostered by a couple of generations of people whose lives orbit their navels. It’s the victim status. If you’re not one, you should at least know one. If you’re not one, or don’t know one, the media will find one for you. Well, I guess the media has sensitivities that I don’t share. (I guess I can afford to have differences. Nobody’s advertising on my back. Even without incentives I’d have used, maybe Henry Knox, Colonel Knowlton, John Pershing, or….)
Oh, yes. The front page listed all the issues of importance. Types of store open (all). No postal or bank services. Federal, state and municipal offices; closed. The fillers were all ads for “Veterans’ Day Sale”, “Veterans’ Day Special”, but nothing suggesting “Double Discount with your DD214”. But then again, that would like admitting conspiratorial guilt in Boston. Then again, those who we lost in Verdun, Tarawa, Anzio, Chosin, Hue, Grenada, Kabul or Anbar
Province are beyond caring how we spend their investment into our country.
Well, it seems that only a few of us care about them.