Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Who's who where you live

I guess the country had to go through repeated cycles of starlets burning their brains out, a few political embarassments, a religious scandal or two, discovery of lawlessness in a sub-culture, discovery of pious tummy-rubbing in a sub-culture, questions of political ethics (Thou shalt not get caught.), educational transparency, xyz-phones.....before it remembered...What was it that I the media should help us remember? Oh yes. Some nuts flew a couple of planes into a couple of buildings in New York; the army place outside Washington and that field in Pennsylvania. "Didja hear how the cell-phones worked, even back then? Gee, if they had pics...."

The media hasn't been doing much successful informing, awareness raising or shown any greater angst than the rest of Americana wants to read or hear. Hell, they were busy drawing out and pouring that banal drool that I cited above. Recently a couple of news runners must have endured a reality-moment and resurrected for their MSM a reporting that should be amplified.I won't call it news, because it isn't. It's far from it. I might stretch the term news if I thought it would make a difference, but it won't...George and Arthur are getting married, Brenda Bra is considering doing the rehab thing (might even run a poll), a celebrated thug is caught in thuggery, and the school drug crisis is causing a drop in demand for Ritalin.

Never-the-less, who are your new neighbors? Has anything in your neighborhood changed? Remember: If you see something, say something. Have you, did you?

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