Friday, September 14, 2007

Bay State Foreign Policy 07'

Originally, the following was intended as a reply to Kevin’s citing at who had captured an article by Michael Graham writing in the Boston Herald:

In office for only nine months and the Governor of Massachusetts Deval Patrick is making policy statements regarding the avowed enemy of the United States of America. One of these sovereign states of the fifty that are united in one country is that which he governs. But, terminally unique as his state is, he would have us see it all as a great misunderstanding. How unfortunate for more than three-thousand people who once lived and worked in Manhattan.
Patrick is the result of the sad condition the Massachusetts GOP put itself in, so sad that the voters chose the evil of two lessers. There was no question what his policies would be and his leftist contempt for his oh, so common countrymen should be no surprise. He is, after all, a first ranker of the 'Clintonistas'. He was able to use the route of interests groups to harness enough strength to buck an incumbent Democrat Attorney General and a money-heavy former Lt. Gov. candidate. How? It was "Oh, So Liberal". He's the extra topping for the liberal cake. With all the history from which the Commonwealth can learn, they blindly seek to refresh their liberal addictions.
Yet, before I launch a counter-attack, honesty and candor require me to inventory the MA-GOP. Patrick's final win was a cinch. Four years earlier Romney took the "Corner Office" pretty much by default and then did nothing with it. It was a pit-stop toward his current aspirations. His follow-on Lt. Gov. was a poster child for the 'neuveau riche' and she was just handed the nomination on a silver tray (which she thought she deserved by default). From even before her campaign, she encamped herself in party headquarters and indulged in her future. No farm-team was developed; loyalties were disparaged. Mitt was always elsewhere. The party itself was alienated and many of the high-minded took a walk. Meanwhile, the Patrick people were following all the Dukakoidisms and that rejuvenated the liberals that had been held in check for sixteen years. Many had been already been granted fiefs over the twelve Republican years 'Situ-Ante-Romney'. They re-registered as Democrats or bugged out of state. Bay State fascism was, once again, looking popular. Those who were getting what they needed wanted more. Those that now 'had', forgot what it took to get it, and "Let them eat cake (taxpayers cake)," was a reaction. Then, as in most fictional utopia, "Alice in Wonderland", or Potemkin Villages, the voters of the Commonwealth had a collective memory lapse. (It happens over the span of history - ask a German villager if.....), the social stigma sets in and the lemmings only follow the hoard ahead of them.
Now, we'll have more frequent paroles to 'decorator' half-way houses, scholarships for undocumented (with 'equivalency' diplomas), non-compliance with federal criminal statutes, increased tolls, and...oh, yes...driver licenses for the 'poor undocumented souls' (who'll probably get jobs driving trucks under contract to the "Big Dig" in a special minority business law), a state visit to Hugo Chavez and a ribbon cutting at the opening of the New England Islamic Center (maybe mullah Ellison will appear).

That's just scraping the top. After all, he's only been in office nine months, I’m sure he can do more harm if he and his mentors really put their hearts in it. Massachusetts surely doesn’t care. Massachusetts Republicans have forfeited any franchise they might have had to care.
Either way, maybe Pearl Harbor, too, was just a misunderstanding. But, what would a political martinet like Deval Patrick know?
(The photo is my uncle Edmund, USN {Submariner, "Dolphin"} who, with his family {sons (front and his left} were at Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941. My brother Bob is on his right..)

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