Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Trojan Horse or Stable

When I came across the cited article, through, it triggered in my memory the foot-baths in colleges and airports, the Islamic school in New York, various political appointments, America's children, Adam Gadahn, and John Walker Lindh and, America's other children in Iraq and Afghanistan whose faces will always be in your hearts, restraints against traditional holidays, students sporting pipe bombs and a med-student dressed in camouflage touting an AK-47 in Dearbornistan, The Holy Land Foundatiion Trial, Mogadishu, a leader in his stocking feet appearing in an expression of appeasement to the local Washington mosque, Visa-Waivers, USS Cole, and that event September 11th, 2001.
Then, in one of Boston's little subsidized neighborhood news rags, ("The Fenway News"), which I picked up yesterday, was the front page article with picture. "Islamic Culture Center May (Finally) Open" (at the corner of Columbus Ave and Malcolm X Blvd.) (I expect someone will move to have "Columbus" stricken soon.) (About a mile (+/-) from the Christian Science Center and the Holy Cross Cathedral. This project garnered some attention when it first developed. Apart from the imprint of the Islamic thumbprint, and, not to be discounted; the Muslim-laced population of students; international and easily impressible scions of 'Americana', was the means of obtaining the property. Near enough to the center of the city, the site has easy access to highways, nearly abuts Northeastern University, lies along an unofficial bordering line of black and white neighborhoods (a senate district which I represented for twelve years in the GOP State Committee of Massachusetts).

They got it for below market value through the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA). (Christian Science Monitor suggests BRA has done this for other religious efforts. {Proof?})
Certainly, my parish has witnessed no such largess. Now take into account redevelopment authorities (which become autonomous and sterilized from public opinion) are created to improve the viability of a cities economic base. The project has had its legal donnybrooks, but it seems to have prevailed with the minaret rising.

So it's not just a "Trojan Horse". It's a stable holding the mounts to carry, recruit and train the Ikwan, the shock troops from the Arab Rebellion. The name "Ikwan" gives quite a dramatic impulse to the (US) Muslim Brotherhood.
Another interesting aside to this: Boston, San Francisco and other leading cities have always made their gay-friendliness almost a competition, and a media and political smorgasbord. "The Boston Globe" usually gives "Gay Pride" a "Sunday Globe" front-page splash. Not this year. It front-paged a procession of Muslims in procession to the Islamic Cultural Center (about a half-mile from the gay marshalling point) (and no one noticed). (Gay or not it's worth filing in the memory bank.)

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