Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mental Issue Trumps Gun Law

Now here's the typical play of PC philosophical constipation having the runs.

Caught en flagrante in camouflage battle wear, carrying an AK47 shooter chique the court has ordered a mental exam of a Derborn medical student.
Now, here's an argument;
Will the mental exam take into consideration Islamic culture?
How many Islamic shrinks were en-panelled to create it (the exam)?
Was he advised of his rights as an American or as a Muslim of a greater umma wherein rights are irrelevant thus cancelling out any choice of option and making anything he said inadmissable?
Now the ACLU would suggest the answers would be; No, Zero, No.
Thus throw out the case. Dearbornistan probably will. Hell, he was just practising to celebrate a wedding, a cultural thing. Or show the exam results that he was disturbed; leaving him not guilty and thus removing the gun charge. Or show that he suffers no aberrational tendencies other being an average Islamic Dearborn resident who for his safety carrying an assault weapon probably looking for a foot bath.
He could even skate on the latter argument knowing as we do how lawless Dearborn has become over twenty-five years. Hmmn, Let's see. This population of people from the Levant has been escalating since 79' 83, 91,..? The mental test will become the issue, not the facts.
But it's the gun law - Your cherished creation to keep the world safe, not the mental exam.
But who'll notice that in this case a gun law isn't so important. In 08' gun laws might not get much play.


airforcewife said...

Mental Health defenses have their place, but they have now become defense attorney's best friend. And, in all honesty, someone with the violent and disgusting views espoused by fundamentalist Islam probably would rate as mentally ill in America.

Perhaps our generations of molly-coddling shrinks need to recognize that people not being held responsible for their actions helps to create monsters. And more molly-coddling isn't going to fix the situation.

Shawmut said...

And that's just one issue in this case. The case of criminal intention or a terrorist threat. There seems to be the prevailingly open question of under what prosecutorial procedures is this guy subject.