Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Who brought him?

Few people suffer fools lightly, or so we say. With inner candor, we will admit that it is especially so when we find the ourselves to be the bigger or biggest of fools. But for the most part it is usually expressed outward. In another area where we find this disturbing, is when we find stupidity in others in whom we have, or would, place trust. Yet, over time we have seen some brain trusts or people of account taken for real garden walks.
Years in the mechanical side of politics, I have witnessed some of the greatest con-jobs (I live in Massachusetts, after all.) yet to be recorded. It's always amused me to see an administration take reins and, blinded by its own success, dub to nobility a phalanx of people nobody ever heard of before. Frequently they ride in on the robes trailing the truly loyal and gnaw their way up to the ermine. One of them could comprise a quartet; two faced; speaking out of both sides of each mouth; and both noses would be brown. And they're dangerous. But, that's politics on the petty scale; corrupted and venal. But this type of creature can develop characteristics also venal and corrupt, and we add here sociopathic, egotistic and vain. Perhaps this all stems out from the early stages of affirmative action; the first's of black, black female, Hispanic and, as occurred here in Massachusetts - a first black, gay, RINO serving in a deathbed administration. These situations all emerge as the unintended consequences of doing the right thing. Few will admit to the fault that the measure ended with embarrassing results - namely the 800 pound gorilla in the living room.

It's a peculiarity that manifests itself in the case of Alexis Debat who is only among the few, who as I have previously suggested rise up out of the fog and confusion of crisis; the closet cavaliers. . This parallels the idiocy of the New Jersey governor who placed homeland security activities in the hands of his non-citizen boyfriend, the case of the Somali Muslim sitting on Columbus, Ohio's, homeland security apparatus or Mitt Romney's campaign security chief who flashed bogus police shields (cited more than once). But today, in a country that seems to be sleepwalking through great dangers, we have to anticipate what the unintended consequences of political largess can become. Debat was allowed into some influential places. At a time when competition within the media is throat-cutting, nobody seemed to check his credentials. ABC seemed to gulp down whatever he served up. A site search of Front Page with all it's conservative personalities show his works just as freely. The Counter-Terrorism Blog also ate it up . It would be one thing, perhaps, if we were not in a conflict and he was writing about racing boats, but we're in a conflict, and with official channels so tenderly dealing with the intelligence apparati, the absurdity occurred.
The Soviet spy, Richard Sorge, a journalist, led the WWII German Embassy in Tokyo into a bogus trust. Could either German or Japanese authorities have learned more about him? Yes. Easily, as it was eventually learned. How does Debat stack up against Sorge? I'd say on par. In each case nobody checked. Debat, by willfully filing disinformation for one political element, betraying those in whom he had trust, has now, by means of the 11the Commandment - Thou shalt not get caught, set a new low for those that used him (ABC, MOO, etc.,) - they claim they didn't know he was a fraud either.

Yet, these stories aren't new. And, should these agents of deceit survive they tend to survive well. Bet you didn't know that some people admire liars and mountebanks, for having got away with it. They have cult followers. And they think it's great stuff. It's those who allow this we must sanction.


airforcewife said...

Very interesting, indeed.

Shawmut said...

Yet, people like this attain more than a little significance. And the irony is, they survive.
A portion of the public will come to their defense by rationalizing that these phonies got to a certain height; so they must have some knowledge (often anothers without attribution). The hood-winked would rather keep their heads in the sand, than show their blush. Your's and my well-being means little. Who's running (or advising) our local crisis centers? Or is it considered none of our business.
As I've used the head in the sand example, picture it; Think of the most vulnerable target; our exposed asses.