Friday, September 21, 2007

White Sale

It's not unreasonable to notice an impulse of France to assert herself after decades of playing varsity dogdeball. There's more than one element in France that would like the honor of representing France in the large field of Weltpolitik and that is its military. Long constrained, since the days of deGaulle, and manipulated into a marginal force of the UN along with Fiji and/or Ecuador; what were its resources in weaponry, were quite often bartered off for goals never realized, than employed in any military initiatives. Now remember, this is a well trained force of French army and naval elements (not to be mistaken with the Foreign Legion) with all the allegiance from any soldier to his homeland. This is also a force that has been missed in the in the confraternity of democratic nations.

Economically, France is a ship-wreck. Perhaps they could sell their former banners at the next Democratic Convention. Think about, "White Sale - Sheets waved at Dien Bien Phu, Algiers and PAris suburbs and slept on by John Kerry."

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