Friday, May 23, 2008

By whose laws?

On occasions when I'd be a guest on a TV show regarding intelligence matters or even as a guest speaker as something like celebity spy, I would frequently be asked why we, America, didn't have better information about a certain country and its regime, or a movement and its participants. It's as though the inquirer believed we just routinely dressed someone in a trench-coat, sent a camera up in the sky or put on head-phones and listened in on the most strategic planning of state leaders or conspirators, and all knowledge necessary would find itself into the hands of our country's decision makers. It was not without appreciation that I would hear this; after all I watch the same TV, read novels and hear gossip, albeit with the experience, on some occasions, with knowing some of the back-story.
With appreciation for public frustration and anticipation, this would lead to a bit of divergence while I explained that most regimes hostile to the United States, perhaps at the time of the Cold War and even during the years since, maintained the counter-intelligence state. In addition I would add that even some allies maintained exceptional controls beyond the diplomatic exchange level. (Let me not slide by the duty of each government’s duty to maintain its security.) My exceptional controls within what I refer to in counter-intelligence states, I would like you to understand, are those beyond what the most minimal of democracies manifest. Take if you would, the Saudi Arabia's, Pakistan's, Peru's, to cite but a few (a very few out of many). My divergence, I hoped, would lead an audience to think about what common ideals we enjoy from day-to-day only because we are who we are, with a long history, sometimes arduous, of debates to guarantee the ideals and freedom that we enjoy and find little need to question. We find them in our "Bill of Rights", amendments to the Constitution and seriously deliberated openly in our courts. Mirroring backward can be a great means of understanding. I never felt satisfied that the complete mood of the counter-intelligence state really effected an identifieable image or atmosphere that I wanted to impose on the listeneres.

Actually, recalling such engagements seems to have been what I've been looking for to engage the topic of this writing.

Following the attacks of September 11th, 2001, and the national trauma it engendered, the country was awakened to it vulnerability (ies). Voices of congressman and TV hosts went hoarse screeching, trying to overcome the natural sobs and cries of the citizenry, Joe and Sally You'nme. Scribes dipped their quills in venom and proclaimed just outrage. Once the mourning quelled the anxiety the blame games began. Publishers were frantically delivering pulp by theorist, apologists, seers, blamers and grand scheme architects. Tomes were being presented in the names of intelligence wizards, cultural experts and retired military, naval and diplomatic personalities. The opinions were as varied as their various experiences. After all, why shouldn't they?
In a recent article by (1) James Califano, "Security Gone Wild" and articles by (2) Walid Phares, “The Cells Are Already Here and..”, (3) Steve Emerson, whose books were prescient to the current crisis (es), (4) Douglas Farah “The Long Decline of Counter-Intelligence Capability”, (5) Jeffrey Imm, “Report: Muslim Brotherhood US Front Groups”, and (6) Bill West’s article, “Hizballah Moles Reflects the Depth of Threat” and (7) “Terrorists, Traitors and Citizenship,” to name a few, we come closer to visualizing the developing threat within the United States. As I suggested, to name but a few.

Citing the above is fine as Americans will do their wont and only consider the matter in the abstract and too much of a reach to grasp. It easier that way, won’t interfere with plans for the Super Bowl, Soccer practice, and Home Depot.

By this time of 2008, even the most provincial of Americans have read that those lands of flowered parks, wooden shoes, great cheeses, and courteous ‘bobbies’ have been in the choking throes of strangulation by age old traditions of good will. (Allow me here to introduce a site by Lionheart, Though I’ve chosen one entry, it is worth expanding upon. Consider Paul an Alfred in 2006. Look at the various takeovers in his country by cultural guests, squatters and refugees and their progeny. Work out the permutations throughout each country in Europe and (let me risk it here) the Western World.

We might say, (Well, some people we know, might say), that’s Europe. Remember, family spats, the odd relative here and there, fortunes up and fortunes down, we’ve never divorced ourselves historically or culturally from Europe. (Oh? You differ? Well, go ahead. Just spare me the moral equivocation. I’ll go on.) And if you think that the Counter-Enlighted, “Unmodern Men” (thanks Michael Mazar, I just borrowed your term), element that has purged only European countries and the UK of their dignity, don’t get comfy.

In a few examples let me introduce you to Gary Fouse . Gary’s experience is only one where American education has been slaughtered by our own misinterpreted principles (by the very custodian of those principles). Let me, as well, introduce you to Daniel Pipes who has chased down infiltration in the United States at A guy who has stepped out front leading the cultural defense is Roger at I could run us all crazy trying to cite so many who have focused on a primary element of an enemy committed to dominate and attack for the purpose of domination. Let me recommend you visit the sites of people I find reasonably grounded in the current crisis. I'd like to mention Jerry Gordon who consolidates some good points at

Infiltration, penetration, subversion, pacification, provocation, and outright attack are the elements of warfare already thriving as the weapons of the Ikwan or Islamic vanguard whose goal is the subjugation of United States and those of our associates.
What does it take to subjugate a whole community? A few Islamicists and the Laws of the United States practiced by attorneys of the Council of American-Islamic Relations. First they’re being discriminated against. Then by status of having settled in, they’ll discriminate against you. (As many of you as they can cite in writs.)
What does it take to subjugate a whole school system? State and city governments of Minnesota, California, Ohio, New York, Michigan (with its financial center of Dearbornistan) and Massachusetts. Think of a better venue to reduce a culture. (Consider pre-game prayers being directed to the East, full-skin-covered basketball and soccer uniforms, night-gown length 'Speedoes', team names like 'Ikwan' replacing 'Volunteers'.) (If you're about to start into a moral equivalency argument citing history of the Native Americans, go back to your casino, try to win your wampum. That's not today's topic.)
What does it take to flaunt the law, violate basic rights of religious freedom, the press, dress and, Oh yes murder? Just a tanker’s load of Saudi crude money, a verbally limited diplomatic corps, a few PC (philosophically constipated) judges, and a leader who can say with emotional piety that a blood ritual of over three-thousand people is a mere rubric of a “religion of peace”.

Let’s see if I can explain why I used terms, “exceptional controls within what I refer to in counter-intelligence states”. Actually, let me make it easy for you we don’t have any. Who is ready to take on the local, state and national government for allowing people with either mercenary or anti-American intentions to hold power in the United States? Does any contemporary American see a problem when a public school system subsidizes a school run by religio-cultural-political zealots? (These are not faith-based initiatives for the public good.) How many contemporary Americans are savvy enough to note and report possible sedition and subversion? In countries with “exceptional controls within what I refer to in counter-intelligence states”, a citizen is required to. You and I aren’t required to. Actually, unless you want to be sued by elements dripping in Saudi money and have an organization such as CAIR married to the American Legal Establishment; attorneys, clerks, judges and all, and be seen as absolute nuisance by municipal officers, don’t bother.
We are not a counter-intelligence state. We abhor exceptional controls. But, in finessing our legal system and the easements thus far superimposed upon it, those who would make us a counter-intelligence state are already implementing those tactics here and use exceptional controls provided by our own legal system. Our freedoms have become thier weapons.
We must remember that the other side is not a rational actor, and theoretical paradigms of behavior are thus non-binding. Proportionality bias of seeming importance is variable, and we must also avoid the presumption that behavior and description of individuals of the other side is uniform. Assumptions of priorities as well as the process of decision- making vary as well. The most important thing to remember is all rules have been suspended.

The image is that of Col. Benjamin Tallmadge, Washington's intelligence officer. He was the best friend of Nathan Hale. They wanted to be teachers.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Criminally, Treasonous, Contemptible Absurdity

Chances are there are enough Americans, who reading that a two-bit punk rolled a stolen car and got killed was thought to be turning his life around , might even wished he had. Even in the darkest corner of the most cynical hearts there's always an ember of hope.
But what are we to think of a case when someone, having fraudulently gained citizenship gets a slap on the wrist. What are we to think of a case where someone, a fundraiser for Hezbollah, has enough juice to be able to insert an asset into a leveraged position in that domain of the US government that deals with crime and militant terrorism. What kind of leverage does a person need to do that.
(Sure, just one case, I know. But it's fire, not dry ice. Sure, just another case..."no mai yob". Sure, just another blade closer to your throat.)
We won't hear this at our mass wakes, but believe me; people will be asking how it happened.)

That young corpse might have made it through probation's and paroles, maybe, just maybe, he could have a life of meaning for someone else.

But Nada Nadine Prouty nee: Al Aour, from a family bloodline in bloodletting managed to become employed by the FBI and the CIA.
Not until her brother-in-law Talal Chahine was indicted for money-laundering did anyone even raise an eye-brow. Maybe it was the adherence to her religion of peace that mollified the various personnel offices.
In a few short words of Debbie Schlossel,
"Prouty engaged in a sham marriage to gain U.S. citizenship--that's immigration fraud, then infiltrated the FBI and CIA (getting top security clearance), improperly accessed federal investigations and disclosed the information to a Hezbo agent--her former bro-in-law, Chahine, and she gets a $750 fine?!"

THINK: Someone facilitated this.

The local Detroit rags only printed:

"A former Detroit-area woman who engaged in a sham marriage to obtain U.S. citizenship and obtained key jobs in the CIA and FBI was fined $750 but given no jail time today by a federal judge.
U.S. District Judge Avern Cohn blasted media coverage of Nada ProutyĆ¢€™s indictment, which he said was fueled by government news releases, and said it distorted the circumstances behind the charges against Prouty. Cohn said Prouty, who lives in suburban Washington, served the United States with distinction in Iraq and elsewhere, at times placing herself in peril on behalf of her adopted country
Her brother-in-law, real stand-up gent that he is, managed to escape the country because she "served (him read: Hezbollah) with distinction".
The same Judge Cohn only charged her sister $500.
"She has lost her citizenship and employment, her financial resources have been depleted, and the U.S. Marine Corps has lost the services of a first-rate officer," Cohn said of Spinelli formerly Samar Al-Aouar, the defendant's sister.
I wonder if they used their citizenship to vote. It is reported that brother-in-law Chahine invested in and was quite a smoozer with Michigan politicoes.
This case hardly nudges the crisis meter compared to the number of such insidious practices going on. Think of Pentagon Pro's being side-lined for being too thorougholy knowledgeable in Islamic affairs. In one of these cases a replacement was CAIR Endorsed. These are crimes being committed against me. (I'll personalize this as I don't think there's a soul in reach that believes it can be redressed; or cares.)

THINK: Someone facilitates this.

Until 1974 there existed what was The Attorney General's List ordered by President Truman Executive Order 9835 which was an instrument of what had been called the Second Red Scare. It might rekindle today's grandparents memories of McCarthy, The House Un-American Activities Committee, Hollywood Ten, etc. It has born out since the early Nineties and the publication of the Venona Papers, that there did exist efforts to overthrow the government of the United States. But since 1974, and even more currently, talk about such things is to be seen as boorish and hardly sophisticated.
But of those who witnessed the "Cold War" measures there were grandparent who remembered the " First Red Scare when there was a Wall Street bombing on September 16, 1920, 100 pounds (45 kg) of dynamite with 500 pounds (230 kg) of fragmented steel exploded in front of the offices of the J. P. Morgan Company, killing 38 people and injuring 400 others and incendiary devices were sent to the most prominent people in government. Luigi Galleani and a crowd of anarchists delivered havoc. The Palmer raids becdame famous then.
At the time the government actions seemed extreme enough in spite of perhaps plus or minus 100 souls all-told being dispatched.
With over 3000 fellow citizens lost to us in a single morning recently, not to mention another 78 here, 243 there, we only concern ourselves with being polite about it. The Patriot Act might better have been couched in an executive order.
But, Americana*, don't panic. If they do it right this time you'll only have to deal with the radium poisoning. Your Mensa clone grandchildren, reducing in numbers as you will have it, may not even remember you, your principles and that emotive love you are, at least currently, permitted to freely express.
I charge the three political parties; Democrats, Republican, and Federal Employees, and you and I, citizens, for dereliction of duty. There's no mitigating factor: the case is multiple acts of Criminally, Treasonous, Contemptible Absurdity.