Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Criminal and Terror Symbiosis, Your Town and Mine

In “Are We Rome”, Cullen Murphy observes, “Governments begin to fall when they lose sight of all that going on under their watch”…and ..”Bureaucracy is the new geography”. Talk about canonizing the obvious. I might expand it a bit more suggesting communities have already fallen when its members lull themselves into civic indifference.

Over the past summer there was a fast flash of news that faded as the heat of the day dried up the clouds. It had little to do with a political rock star or a proven patriot, nor would it impact the celebrity ratings of weekly picture-book stars, or even cause a canned simmer by a nightly TV face. Pseudo-sophisticated Americans were not even told by their entertainment cadres that it should even be newsworthy. Evidently, after thirty-plus years of watching terrorist warfare against this country enhance itself through government indifference, diversity programs, porous borders and the general acceptance of lawlessness, and fearful of our own laws and enforcement of privileges by condemning litigation, someone, somehow, thought it might be prudent to fingerprint those apprehended in our campaign for sovereign legitimacy (quite a term - bear it in mind). The process yielded some rather interesting results.
Paul Shannon, FBI, Supervisory Agent stated, "It's, still, though, is a surprise when you fingerprint somebody in the shadow of Tora Bora that you find out that that person has a misdemeanor arrest in Phoenix and some other city in the United States." (It seems that SA Shannon was being rather modest; there were charges of violence, armed robbery up and down the ratings from fraudulent drivers’ licenses, to drunk and disorderly (tsk, tsk haram) and illegal entry into the United States, not to mention the fraudulent marriages and citizenship. More than a few bench-warrants must be turning yellow.
Now we could exult and say, “Go Team!” The fans should be a’roaring. What a play; a trifecta; “Te Deum“,” The Credo” and a “Hail Mary“. Hate to do this folks, but I’ve just flagged the play.
First of all. Who are these guys? How did they get here? How did they get to Tora Bora, Mogadishu, Basra, and Algiers from Main Street or Side Street, USA? How does an Ikhwan warrior scope out a mark, line up his bail, slip out of the country; and possibly with a Katzenjammer (hangover) from industrial processing of booze.
Well, of course, we have sanctuary cities; San Francisco, Cambridge, New York, New Haven, Denver, Seattle, Minneapolis to name but a few. Hell, The San Francisco Out-Tourist will spring an accused out of the country. (Of course, sometimes there’s a distraction from their programs, such as when a thug guns down three people with an AK47 in daylight.) Chances are these cities’ (wherever located) hospitals ER’s handle everything from shrapnel to preventive abortions on your dime (What municipality doesn’t rely on the federal dollar?)
If, as so many other Americans say, our image has fallen in this world, we can point to the farce that we have made of our own laws and the compromise in ethics that once motivated them.
So how does that anonymous cop on the beat react to all this? Chances are you have witnessed am officer bring challenged in court, when trying to make declarative statements, get’s morphed into having a prejudice for a type of person or was determined to be profiling (any category will do). Today, that officer stands before a court that would rather decide for peace and quiet than law and order. A lot of players join in as well; clergy, public defenders, various advocacy elements and officers from the consulates of an assused. Maybe other groups; CAIR, La Raza, Tongs, will join the issue as friends of the court. As a pedestrian these days, in these matters I watch this issue get a passing nod on a news broadcast as though to say…An that’s that.
But I’d like to know where these men violated laws; Hennepin Ave. in Minneapolis? Mission Hill, Boston, K Street in Washington? I’d like to believe that not only the original officers review their cases, but I’d like to believe that detectives are scoping out the places they lived. People from foreign lands tend toward communities that are identified as well-disposed to the refugee or landsman; legal or illegal. Considering the rate of arrest is barely 10-20% of attempted crimes, these thugs most likely had kindred support - maybe even accomplices. If one from a community has raised bucks to get to Kabul, then let’s consider those with whom he, at least came tangent. Maybe he was found in Kabul or Mogadishu after fleeing one crime that was part of, or would have a become a greater one with time. We should safely, and cautiously, suppose that, and, as well, he would not have been acting alone. Let’s think in terms of collateral intelligence; that item or two that lead to a whole.
I cite this issue, and I wish to believe it will be corrected post haste with downright due diligence. Were they to target a dam, a utility, a bridge, food processing plant with toxins? Or just maybe (which I see anyway) their goals were to bring our legal process comedy to a world stage?
Perhaps, a look at the case of Aalifa Sidiqui; Just a prudent little Muslim girl from Pakistan who carried her books to school in one arm and proselytizing material for people she would hope to convert to the Ikhwan to subvert the United States; reducing it to the greater Islamic Caliphate.
Recent reports tell us that she was arrested in Afghanistan, reportedly after grabbing an interrogator’s weapon and nearly killing him and others. Having been on the inquiries lists since 9/11/01, her role in the Islamic apparatus to infiltrate and subdue this country qualified her for the plot.

Let’s remember that criminal minds and terrorists hearts have been proven to thrive on permutations of symbioses.

Here, I’ll jump from the would-be thuggorists whom Americana would apply wishcraft to just disappear. But, when we see laws being abused, and indifference or appeasement being the reason, we have to look around the weeds that have infected our own green grass. What the banning of DDT has done for the propagation of disease carrying mosquitoes; exaggerated antidiscrimination measures have done to the federal, state and local governments. I am reminded of the soul of the average American (Charlie Brown) believing in his laws and his ever-contrarian nemesis (Lucy holding the football)who, for meanness alone, thwarts his faith.
If I, as citizen, were to ask who allowed this to happen I’m afraid I would find the answer in a mirror. For I’ve been here all this time. I voted in elections, city, state and national that granted others stewardships. I never thought they’d hand the trust over to other influences. Evidently it matters little to party or philosophical alignments, even the most conservative of us have to realize that our votes have ended up in the brokerages of facilitators whose aims and goals are different from our own. So, I guess, when white-collar crime jaunts down our streets adorned in cultural piety we should just get out of the way. Hell it’s just the transition of the furtive and predatory going 7/11.

White Collar Crime - White Thawb Subversion

Over a few years a Mission Hill, Boston, Neighborhood Activist, entered into the legal lists jousting with the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) (mentioned in a prior screed of mine) and The Islamic Society of Boston (ISB). The man had for years been a vocal critic of many things affecting that in which he took pride, his neighborhood. But in recent years he unrolled a carpet within which was more than a matter of parochial concern. As this matter has been treated by investigators and commentators in terms more professional than my own I’ll just respect them by listing their findings as follows:

Richard Pipes is among, and has worked with, the country’s most reputable investigators of the Islamic subversion in the United States and the West:
Picking up on the local workings of this matter are “Miss Kelley” And Martin Solomon

Their accounts are thorough, pervasive, candid and free of that alienating jingoism that often finds air in these matters. I would be foolish to even try to add to their findings. What is interesting in all this, however, are the employment of illegal and official apparati to accomplish outright banditry, and eased encroachment by an alien influence whose goal is to gather the United States into the Islamic Ummah under Sharia Law; the stated objective of the Muslim Brotherhood. The relationship with the Moslem Society of America, and a founder of ISB, Abdurahman Alamoudi, who is serving over twenty years for terror financing, and fundraising for soon to deported other associates is quite enlightening, as well as willful blindness by officials create quite a scenario in their tale. On the convicted Alamoudi, within the years since 2001 and prior to his sentencing, the Center was still picking up his travel costs. But one of ISB’s lawyers deny his participation in over twenty years. ? Just ?
Going over the various items that have fallen into this case in Boston:
I wonder how an employee of the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) has been allowed to rig a parcel of property to an institution of which he holds membership and has fundraised in the various Arab states, emirates, principalities and kingdoms (on the BRA ticket). (Just previous to this article I cited the BRA employment practices of barratry, civic indifference, etc. Maybe it’s better than a sanctuary city, it provides six-figure jobs to aliens.)
Why, when such a suggestion of white-collar crime is in such focus, would the Boston FBI office honor a shill in one of the most egregious frauds in Boston. (Well, the same Boston FBI office was infiltrated by the mob when it was supposed to be doing the reverse. A headlined agent is already in jail for one matter, and heading to Florida for a murder trial. Says a lot, doesn’t it.)
And the BRA Executive Director is only recently retiring. He seems to be conveniently not witting to the fact - Muslim Law - that they execute homosexuals. (Well, Boston is said to be run by the "Best Men Can Buy". )
With all this commotion, no one’s showing any residual concern. The state ethics commission can’t act on it because they don’t know how to. The Mayor’s Office can’t seem to get excited because the BRA clients are quite a source of campaign revenue. (Not to mention a lack of depth in the city’s MENSA department.) And, above all (literally), the BRA is not responsible to the City of Boston in the least. Authorities are autonomous entities that are granted extra-legal authority. In this case, their brief being redevelopment, (value enhancement), they are doing neither. Providing a religious-cultural-political entity tax-free property enhancement offers the City nothing. A few questions were asked of the Mayor’s Office. His spokesperson knowing it would be a dead-end said it was referred to the BRA. They don’t answer to the Mayor’s Office, and just don’t.
I wonder why the idea of renaming streets (you know, for that Mussel-man who fought with the Minutemen who….?), accommodations for class-rooms, religious ritual baths; projected housing could not be seen as preparation for more than the need if the immediate - contemporary - community. (If at an “open house” on August 30Th , only thirty people to include one state representative and one city councilor attended, I challenge the dynamic of the relevant community.) I guess that community is en route. The luggage carousel at the Frankfurt am Main Airport must be backed up.
It seems, as well, rather peculiar that such an edifice would be located in the greatest concentrations of African Americans, with descendants who claim forebears from the “Underground Railroad”, and have exercised great leadership in the City. The Arab - Islamic - slave dealers delivered them to Western hands - (which, by the way, only 5% of the total slave traffic in the 17th, 18th and 19th Centuries went to what is now the United States. 8%-12% went to South America and the Caribbean. The rest went eastward to the Arab lands and further eastward to the Asian lands. (Imagine a park with flowers in the pattern of the Confederate flag, maybe named for William Clarke Quantrill.)
It seems, to me, rather peculiar that nobody questions the point that funds for further construction and the prevailing stipulations originate in lands where slavery is still recognized (not just tolerated, either, because there are regulations in place - acknowledging the fact).
It seem peculiar, in the terms of Jessica Masse, on behalf of the ISB, that “traditional funding (by which I sense she means traditional American lending practices) has not been an option”, as it is with us (infidels, and our churches and synagogues, veterans‘ posts, alumni clubs) who are held to mortgage and banking laws. Wrong, Jessica. You’re choosing, rather dictating, a practice alien to US law. Worse. Someone’s allowing it.
Since when does the Islamic Development Bank, a solely owned and regulated bank of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Bank of Kuwait (in states who regulate, but don’t deny slavery practices) have greater sovereignty than our own parochial, provincial or national banking practices - laws? Try introducing Istituto per le Opere di Religione , the Vatican Bank, free of agency, letters of credit or bonding into the scene.
As I indicated, there has been no great determination of need for this slave-state sponsored edifice - as yet. So we must think of the ISB Center as a center that would minister to population not yet here. And if anyone recalls the case of Saudi travel agents that issued visas, you’re eyes might smart if you noticed in the finding cited that this deal was signed and certified in a US Consulate office in Kuwait. What a US State Department official understands about an individual municipality’s zoning laws and need are is pushing the diplomatic envelope a bit too far.
In the BRA documentation that was written for the ISB - by one of its own members, and yet a BRA projects director, suggests certain ritual licenses that are generally governed by state laws and municipal zoning.
Do you think an O’Leary, Palladino, Kowalski, or Klein will make the grade for a Bank of Kuwait mortgage without religious conversion and acknowledgement of , and signing under Sharia Law with it’s standards, because as Jessica Masse stated, “traditional funding (by which I sense she means “American” lending) has not been an option”? No. Do you think they’ll be bound to have infidel realty boards, housing officials, zoning boards rattling around? No. Don’t even think about anti-discrimination or fair housing laws.
Now comes the complex part: Watch for precedents
After all the “to do” over the various examples of appeasement, barratry, official duplicity and corrupt practices, a law suit has been dropped by the ISB for what they consider their being victimized by publicity and applicable (usually) laws.
That has not addressed any of the issues that have been cited, however.
So now, we must address how that acquiescence can lead to a surrender of sovereignty, not only here in Boston, “The Athens of Attitude”, but across the country as we understand how precedents can lead to substantial erosion of your citizen franchise. An easement here, a zoning there, an agreement in your town, a permit in mine; pretty soon raising a compendium of “How to do Sharia” will published. And soon just showing that flag…“and the Nation for which it stands.” will be prohibited as a violation of “community cohesiveness” as a young man in Luton, UK, discovered when he flew his Union Jack.
And here, I’ll clearly state my concern developed over more than a few years. The current Islamic movement has a goal of neutralizing and destroying everything that has won merit in Judeo-Christian/Western Civilization. And though we cite frequent application of violence, we must be alert to the element of subversion. Subversion is an element of war.
We can look back over our history and find great and virtuous efforts meet successful ends in terms of race, age, women’s suffrage, handicapped, immigration, health care, youth and sexual preference. It has been an exciting series as a free society develops. Sometimes we have seen examples that have been cited as precedents in otherwise not related cases. Relativism has played a major role in not only American (I’ll suggest Western) laws, but standards as well. (But hammers can break a window with the same ease as tacking a nail.) Islamic extremist elements has been observing, studying and is using many of the same tactics that have won virtuous ends. One, which many guffaw at, is the victim leadership ploy. The greater the alienation, the more pitiful the victim - apart from the alienation being the self-determined. Think of inverted provocation. “Leave me alone!” Followed by “You’re discriminating against me.” And the country enables and appeases these tactical mood swings like trapeze artists.
Little measures here and there add up to sweeping precedents and put together or not neutralized at the first instance, become as valid as rock. (Think about a bad laws. They get layered over with exceptions but rarely are they excised.) Watch for the precedents in communities, schools, employment, and housing. (Significant examples in schools being misused can be found in New York, Virginia, Minnesota, Michigan. And they range from general standards that states require, to voucher fraud, to curriculum schedules to school property usage. Law enforcement on city, state and federal levels have been penetrated and litigation, that great American sport, is scrimmaging around the clock.
An example of a community defeating a nation, I add an item from “timesonline” . Basically, when the laws of a nation are neutralized what is left? So, when even the municipal statues by which you and I, and our neighbors, in Boston, San Jose, Charleston or Memphis are neutralized what have we?
And it’s all happening within a stone’s throw from where you and I live. Brick by brick, head by head, we are facing a force of ‘unmodern men in a modern world’ using the most advance means to accomplish an unreasonable accommodation.