Sunday, March 09, 2008

They're Listening

Crawling out of my slump and the resultant moratorium of my opinions, I have to credit the following observations as having been energized by either Philip and/or Steve at who help keep me politically awake during this political season when we’re nearly bored to death by the monotonous drone of US faults.,2933,335993,00.html
I hate to have to give this murderer his due, but, believe it or not, I witnessed pre-Khadaffi Libya. It was pure squalor once outside Wheelus AFB or the Petri Palace (though you could clearly make out US tankers in and out of terminals). He brought about change in a coup. He even brought about a change that the deserts of the world had earlier witnessed only when the Jewish agronomists began to irrigate Palestine - all of Palestine - Christian, Arab and Jew.
(BTW - “Aronson’s Maps” might be worth a library visit.)
Damn. My “Honesty Muse” forced that.
But, the world does listen to what’s going on in our political arenas. In the mid-70’s Americana was beating the bongos for “Change” after Vietnam, Watergate, and lines at the pump. They were setting the stage to become Yuppies. (Oh, let me set any reader’s interpretation that I have misspelled America. I use ‘Americana’ (the additional “na” denoting those of the citizenry who echo and act by sound-bite un-encumbered by thought-provocation.) So, with all civic ardor, the country, attired in leisure suits, elected an anal-compulsive all decked out in a cardigan sweater. Change? It was a faster retreat from US integrity than we have ever witnessed (albeit we had Vietnam on our record). Jubilation T. Cornpone would be a tortoise in retreat strategy compared to Jimmy Carter with Elmo Zumwalt and Zbignew Brezisnki.
(The latter a foreign affairs consultant for Barry O’Bama - well after all St. Patrick‘s day is soon upon us).
But after the Iranian invasion of our soil, our embassy, the burning to the ground of our embassy in Pakistan while local authorities observed (Anyone forget that? Look it up.), and criminally usurious government sanctioned interest rates at home, we made a correction. We even neutralized the greatest threat to the “Free World” while we were at it. (Anyone remember the USSR?) You know, it was when Gorbachev was elevated to the status of a Twentieth Century Francis of Assisi or the “Rock Star” status of a current junior Senator from Illinois. There was another guy involved that I heard some Republicans reference recently.
Then the work of a few fatigued the many and Americana wanted to rinse themselves of the sweat of their leaders. Again they wanted to “CHANGE”. Americana choosing to indulge in hubris, chose to party.
When we chose to get back to work again and clean up from the “most ethical administration” (that hedonism ever celebrated) reality fatally smacked us sillier. In the morning, during our hangover from another great change, we had to account for all that was neglected; an unkempt military, an ‘as you’d have it’ or appeasing diplomacy, and a domestic ethical void within our borders, the nation of laws not men (persons) showing indifference to one at the expedient dispatch for the historical integrity of the other.
Now, we hear another call for “Change”. Not sure whether we’re advancing or retreating, there’s something about changing horses in midstream about which I’m a bit squeamish.
Actually, I haven’t heard yet toward what plan we haven’t already tried that Americana wants to change.
Of course the Libyan Colonel is listening. The Imams, the Petro-Princes and pseudo-socialist banana republic generals are listening. They never do better that when Americana echoes the word “Change”.
I’m afraid that the “change” Americana wants is one of self-defeat by a nation embarrassed by what it should instead be proud. How awkwardly we project our principles when we should preserve them for ourselves.


Really Pissed Off! said...

I wouldn’t place much credence in whatever “Qaddafi Duck” observes these days! Whatever happened to him? I haven’t heard from him since we bombed the Hell out of him back in 1986! As far as I know, Libya remains the same dump it’s always been since “Qaddafi Duck” took over! Whenever things get a little dicey, we hear the word Change coming from either side of the isle, depending who is residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Remember, we wanted Change in the year 2000, so we “could have a beer” with the next President. We got Change, and more than we bargained for! This time, however, I believe that the need for Change may not be all rhetoric, and has a legitimate place in the conversation. We now have a government which does not work for the people, it works against them. This situation goes back beyond President Bush and well into the Clinton Administration. The result is a rapidly shrinking Middle Class in America. The Change needed is how government works. If it continues as it is, the shrinking Middle Class in America will no longer be able to support the government. Interestingly, it’s the same Middle Class who pays for government that being strangled by it! A very good example of biting off you nose to spite your face! Tom C

tommy said...

The last line is beautiful.