Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Here we go again!

Without fail, this cycle comes around again. Each time I see these situations imposed upon youngsters in schools, I'm drawn to think of how many teachers got their education covered because some soldier was posted to another country actually experiencing an education.

When Eisenhower was leaving office he cautioned the country about the influence of the "military-industrial complex". Who thought in the 50's that industrial education would cause the stagnation of development and the disguise of history that it has?
Maybe some of these pedagogues think that George Washington visited Betsy Ross in civvies so as not to offend her creativeness.
Let's not even distract ourselves from the immediate issue here by calling the motivation of these educators by another dishonest term political correctness. They are prejudicing formative minds by the crafting of intellectual dishonesty.
There will be a time, I believe, that some of today's schoolchildren will face the trauma of double-detoxification. Reality will be a shocking side-affect to the awareness that they had been enabled into fantasy dependence .

The image is that of Colonel Benjamin Tallmadge, Washington's intelligence officer, who, with his best friend, Nathan Hale, wanted to be teachers.


ME said...

wasn't it Abby Hoffman who said " we will get your children' ?

Most teachers colleges are more interested into showing future teachers how to indoctrinate kids than in showing them how to be great teachers. It's all about promoting their agenda and view of the world

hope i made sense

Shawmut said...

YOU! Tommy, have referenced the stagnation of the Education Industry Complex (Eisenhower warned about the "Military Industrial Complex") and the risk at which we find ourselves.
Peculiar enough I just responded to a like point at: http://queer-conservative.blogspot.com/