Friday, January 18, 2008

First Glance 2008

Been a while since I’ve been up to lending the world my opinion. First it was my PC that went down. Then Christmas and the Holiday Season. The muse was off for the winter break and now seems settled in the routine of unscrambling my thoughts, moods and dispositions and then re-scrambling them enough so that familiar souls will recognize me.
Of course the country is going through its periodic mood-swings with the relish of trapeze artists as we watch certain people walking on water (very shallow puddles) to tell us they’re the most this or the least that. Anyone who ever got a city or state paycheck and held up a lollypop-sign will decipher polls for you and tell war stories. Parroting calumnies from the friend of someone who was a deputy assistant to someone else will bring us up on the skinny.
Personally, I’m holding out for the statesman (hinting). It’s been a while.
Apart from the would-be`s on their way to becoming might have beens, a good number of other people have been traveling. Brittney’s off in Mexico. The President got to and back from the Middle East. (I wonder if he compared his National Intelligence Estimate with the one the Mossad has.) James Rubin (Mr. Christiane Amanpour), Clinton’s State Department ‘phlaque’ and Kerry’s foreign affairs spokesman (and you thought it was the maitre`d at Maxim’s) was off to see his in-laws in Iran (I bet he gets to come back.).
But with all that buzzing in and out, nothing much seems to have changed.
The Dutch have awoken to a stronger syrupy coffee. “Netherlands: Muslim city councillor to non-Muslim constituent: "Shut up," "Drop dead," "Convert to Islam" “
And locally, we can abide in ‘da Nile’ as long as it flows uninterrupted. The Pentagon enduring the throws of philosophical constipation (aka PC) can just dispatch a home grown, true to life intelligence officer who had one of the most suitable backgrounds for the current fight against Islamic terrorism. Major Steve Coughlin, USAR, a combat veteran as well as an academic was advised his contract was not being renewed in favor of a “Mr. Islam” (right, that’s his name). Even an old friend of mine was perplexed in an interview on Fox. .
But, says ‘Americana’, “Wot, us worry?”.
Then there’s the story of a former member of congressman being indicted. I’ll comment little as the Department of Justice release will suffice for now.
But here’s a guy who surely needed watching for more than a few years. “Congressman Siljander is affiliated academically with the Edinburgh Centre for Muslim-Christian Studies." Who knew?
And in 2005, guess who’s speaking at the above site?
“Dr. Mark Siljander will present two lectures this week, in a series entitled “The place of Muslim-Christian dynamic in international negotiations”.”
In 1999 he was introduced; “Ambassador Siljander is a student of several languages, including Arabic, Aramaic, Hebrew, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese, and has spent over ten years studying the Scriptures of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
These experiences have led him to develop what he describes as “a unique paradigm for the peaceful resolution of conflict that has been successfully applied in several challenging areas of the globe”.”

Add this guy to Adam “Yahiye” Gadahn aka “revolting geek of mass proportions“, Congressman Keith Ellison, The Pentagon’s Human Resources Department, Columbus, Ohio’s School Board, Mr. Amanpour, and don’t forget, the Gilbert & Sullivan Regimental Chorus of the Pakistan Army and The CAIR Choir; all singing “Angels we have heard on high” and you’ll be reminded of Christmas just past and the ever abiding theme;
“Peace on Earth, Good (Luck).”

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